Free Us

Children are People too!

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." - Nelson Mandela


Who - What - Where...

We staged a ‘sit in’  between, 10th -13th Oct 2017, in order to protest the discriminatory and unjust practices we feel we have been subjected to by the family court.

We were inspired by the documentary, "A force more powerful", which talks about the power of non-violent resistance as the force which shaped the 21st century and the leaders of different movements to bring justice to all groups in society. Also, we have watched the Newsroom coverage of the police forcibly ‘uplifting’ children, which enraged us that Kiwi kids should be treated in such a way. We would like to bring to the public’s attention our struggle for justice and safety.

If you would like to show your solidarity with us? Then stage your own 'sit in' with a board game. Take a picture and share it to Backbone Collective Facebook page, using the Hashtag #freeusnz  

Girls’ victory after Family Court protest

Two sisters whose father wants them placed in state care after their refusal to see him at the school holidays have won a victory in the Family Court, following a protest against it. Read More...

"Sisters stage online protest against Family Court" - newsroom.

A medical professional investigated for inappropriate contact with young female patients - including at least one teenager - both in New Zealand and Australia has been granted unsupervised access to his two daughters by the Family Court - despite the pair's protests. Read More...

"Taken by the state" - newsroom.

Warning: Disturbing video content 

A Family Court practice described as “barbaric” allows police to take children from their parents with no prior warning. The removals are used to enforce parenting orders, but are they harming the children the system is meant to protect? Melanie Reid and Cass Mason report. Read More...